Doggy Backpack to the Rescue!

I know what you’re thinking. A doggy backpack? Really?

I have an 8lb, 8-year-old Yorkie, Brady. My husband and I just got married and don’t plan on having kids for a couple of years so Brady is basically like our child. The last couple of summers Kyle (my husband) and I did a lot of hiking. I was always so jealous when I saw families with their dogs. I know Brady is a small dog so I can’t compare him to the Labs and Golden Retrievers we saw bounding up the huge mountains, but all I could think about was how much Brady loved to be outside and it was a shame he couldn’t come with us.

For about two years I tried finding a dog backpack or carrier that would be hiking friendly. All of the ones I saw, and ordered, were either too small where he was extremely uncomfortable or not mobile/flexible enough for us to wear and use.

On top of needing something for hiking, I love to take long walks and try to bring Brady along. The walks never last long with him because he is so little he gets tired out after 15 minutes and plops himself on the grass and doesn’t budge. I end up having to carry him which is uncomfortable for me and him!

FINALLY….a couple of weeks ago I found a dog backpack that works!! It is amazing! I had a gift card from Bed Bath and Beyond and couldn’t find any typical products I wanted to order so I started browsing in the pet section. I couldn’t believe it! I ordered it right away!

Doggy Backpack

As soon as I got the carrier, I put Brady inside to make sure he fit and sure enough he fits perfectly. There’s even enough room so he can lay down. I love this carrier particularly for a couple of reasons besides the fact that he fits comfortably…

1) My back is supported. Now I know that sounds ridiculous with an 8lb dog, but that’s like carrying a small child. The straps are thick and don’t rub on my shoulders and there’s an extra strap across the waist for extra support

2) The padding on the bottom is soft and the same material as his dog bed

3) There is a mesh screen so when he is laying down, or sitting, air is coming in from the front and he can see

4) There is an opening at the top that you can either zip shut or keep open. I like to keep it open so when he is sitting his little head can pop out and he can see what’s going on.

5) There is a hook inside to attach to Brady’s harness so he can’t fall out or jump out of the pack

My friend and I went for a power walk the other day and decided to bring him and use it! He loved it!

Sooooo many people beeped, stopped their cars, or stopped us on our walk to laugh (in a nice way) and pet Brady. I think the carrier is much better than the strollers I see for dogs. That’s a little much in my eyes…or maybe just not my style since I wanted something so I could be active with him with me.

I find it funny I’m even writing about this! But there has GOT to be more people out there looking for a solution…right!?

We plan on taking him hiking with us next week so I will keep you updated!

Has anyone used one of these before?

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