A New Way to Use Chocolate Shakeology

I am always looking for new recipes for Shakeology whether it be for an actual shake or energy/protein balls. I like to experiment quite a bit with food, so during my last round of the 21 Day Fix I decided to mix my chocolate Shakeology and greek yogurt. IT IS AMAZING.

When I first mixed the two, it didn’t look like it would come out okay because it seemed as though there was way too much chocolate Shakeology and not enough of yogurt. I measured one of my red containers from the 21 Day Fix (protein container) for the yogurt. I kept mixing the two together though and what do you know? It turned into a chocolate pudding/mousse mixture. I added some raspberries (in this picture those were all I had left in my fridge…not even enough to fill 1/2 of a purple container).

This is the BEST creation…you can add any fruit, nut, etc. It is like eating dessert…but it is extremely healthy!! If you are following the 21 Day Fix this would count as 2 reds, and 1/2 or 1 purple (depending on how much fruit you decide to add).

I have a hard time fitting in all of the protein needed for the day (4 servings of the red containers) so this is ideal for me since it takes care of 2 of the 4 servings I need. Then, I eat a protein for lunch and 1 for dinner and I am all set.

You might ask why I don’t just put all of these ingredients in the blender to make a shake. Well, I do that too, but this has a completely different texture and taste for me. You’ll have to try it out to see for yourself!

If you are wondering what Shakeology is or the 21 Day Fix, check out my “Shakeology” and “21 Day Fix” pages at the top of my home page!

Do you have any unique recipes using Shakeology?


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