Thoughts on Dark Places by Gillian Flynn


I’ve read three Gillian Flynn novels thus far: Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, and Dark Places. I finish Dark Places late last night and definitely could not go to sleep based on what happened at the end of the novel. While I was up, I thought a lot about her three books and decided that Gone Girl is my favorite, Sharp Objects comes in close as my second favorite, and Dark Places is my least favorite.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Dark Places, but there were times where I skimmed over some pages because I thought they were too drawn out or getting a little chatty (know what I mean?) I didn’t feel like that at all with the other two books. Not to mention, this story line was GRUESOME. It creeped me right out!

Libby Day is the only survivor of a mass murder that occurred when she was 7-years-old. She was able to escape out a window while her two younger sisters and mother were brutally killed in the middle of the night. Her brother Ben was the only real suspect and was put behind bars due to Libby’s testimony claiming she saw Ben kill her family. This is a lie.

The novel places Libby being 30’ish years old where she meets a young guy in his early 20s named Lyle. Lyle is part of some bizarre Kill Club where famous murders are studied….Libby’s family being one of them. Lyle and his group members are convinced that Ben is NOT the murderer after studying the case for years. They begin to intrigue Libby with new evidence and cause her to think back on that fearful night. She realizes she didn’t actually see anything and that the lawyers pressured her into saying she saw Ben kill.

As the novel progresses, Libby goes to the end of the earth to find answers and closure about what happened to her poor family. She herself is caught in some dangerous and life threatening situations and learns more than she wants too.

Rumors about satanic worship, molestation, and desperation come to light and it is almost too much for Libby to handle…

This is definitely a book to read, especially if you have read other Flynn novels!

Has anyone read this? What did you think compared to the other novels?


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