Hiking Kane Mountain — Caroga, NY

View from the top of the fire tower on Kane Mountain, Caroga, NY
View from the top of the fire tower on Kane Mountain, Caroga, NY

My husband and I are avid hikers. He got me into hiking about six years ago when we started dating and I fell in love. Kyle went to college in Potsdam, NY which is in the heart of the Adirondacks. He climbed a bunch of the 46 high peaks (the 46 highest mountains in New York) including Mt. Marcy, the tallest and most strenuous mountain in NYS so he has a lot of experience.

I haven’t done a high peak since last summer and we are heading up to Lake Placid, NY (near Keene Valley which is where almost all 46 high peaks are located) in a couple of weeks to knock down two more high peaks. Since these hikes tend to be rigorous and demanding on the body, we decided to hike a small mountain to prep ourselves.

We live very close to Caroga, NY which is the home to a couple of smaller mountains including Kane Mountain. The reason why this mountain enticed us was because of the fire tower at the top. Unfortunately the picture of the tower didn’t come out well, the view was amazing!

hiking trailhead

We decided to take our dog Brady with us because he loves the outdoors! Our awesome dog back pack came in handy since Brady is very small and gets tired very quickly.

hiking backpack

Although this was only a 1.2 mile hike and considered fairly small when compared to other NYS mountains, I definitely worked up a sweat. There were several steep areas and we kept a steady pace. It took us about 40 minutes to get to the top, but that was with stopping so Brady could pee on every tree and plant he saw. It took us 1:12:00 round trip and I burned 504 calories! Not a bad way to start the morning off!

hiking cals

A lot of people ask what we eat and drink to stay hydrated. Typically when we hike one of the high peaks or a larger mountain in general and it takes hours to climb and descent, we pack a lot. I like to start the morning off with some Shakeology since it gives me a ton of energy and keeps me full for the first hour or so. Our other favorites are the Chocolate Chip Cliff Bars, bananas, oranges, deli meat and cheese roll ups, dried fruit, water, and/or Powerade.

The descent down is always more enjoyable for me because it isn’t as tough, but it is Kyle’s least favorite part. It really does a number on your knees. When you are climbing down steep parts of the mountain it takes a lot of leg control to keep yourself from falling forward. I can already feel the soreness in my legs!!

All in all I would say this is a moderate and short hike. It is perfect for someone who is just starting out or someone like me that needs a prep course before a larger mountain. We are hoping to hike Prospect Mountain in Lake George, NY next week so stay tuned!

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