My Fitness Journey

Ever since I can remember I struggled with my weight and my appearance. I distinctly remember sitting in my bedroom with my friend during the summer going into 8th grade and saying I needed to go on a diet before I got to the high school. Looking back, I was such a little girl…only 13-years-old! But already worrying about what I looked like! My parents were ALWAYS supportive and complimenting me, but my friends were so thin and I had gone through puberty early and had wider hips and a chest before them. I was not fat or heavy by any means, but at the time, I viewed myself as a bigger girl and that stuck with me forever.

I probably weight around 125-130 until 9th/10th grade when I gained some weight just from growing up and becoming a young woman. Again, I was the biggest one out of my friends, so I was always self-conscience. I would never go in a bathing suit in front of boys, cried getting ready for school because of how I looked, and hated going shopping with my “skinny” friends. I had a boyfriend (who I am now married to) that loved me and constantly complimented me, but that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter what anyone said to me.

At one point I got so upset about the whole weight thing my mom paid for me to join Weight Watchers. I did lose some weight on that program, but at the time it was only in person (not online) and I was embarrassed getting weighed by women I didn’t know so I stopped.

When I went away to college my struggle continued and got even worse. The dramatic change in lifestyle caused my eating habits to fall and my work outs to decrease. I wasn’t eating healthy meals at home anymore and instead fell victim to dining hall food and late night eating/drinking. I did go to the gym once in awhile with my friend, but not nearly as much as I should have. The funny part about college is that I actually didn’t gain any weight until my senior year (more about that after) because I tended to crash diet so I would drastically lose any weight I may have gained the week before. I now realize how unhealthy this was. I also gained inches instead of pounds which I didn’t recognize until later on.

My senior year of college was AWFUL. That was the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life. I gained 27 lbs because I was only taking 3 classes and was out drinking 4 nights a week and eating extremely poorly. As much as I cared I was gaining weight, it was almost a psychological sickness with food. While all of these girls were wearing small mini skirts and tight shirts and dresses, I was wearing high waisted skinny jeans and any flowy shirt I could find.

Once I left Oneonta, I kept the weight on for about a year before I looked at myself and knew I needed to change ASAP. I started dating my old high school boyfriend and just felt so down on myself and uncomfortable so I decided to slowly make some changes. I was able to lose about 12 lbs fairly shortly just from exercising more and cutting back on sweets. I was in graduate school so I was really busy and used that as an excuse.

It wasn’t until about 1.5 years ago that my whole life changed. SO many things happened at once including getting engaged to my high school sweetheart! (We broke up while in college and started dating again after we graduated) I ALWAYS told myself I would NOT be unhappy with myself on the day of my wedding, so it was either now or never!!

I actively made major changes in my life by cutting out a lot of sweets, alcohol, and carbs. Notice I said cutting out, not cut out completely. I started running, taking long walks, going to work out classes, and cooking a lot instead of going out and eating crappy food.

Last summer (2014) I noticed someone post about Shakeology and a Beachbody Challenge. I was immediately interested and joined the challenge which entailed getting the 21 Day Fix plan and Shakeology. It worked SO well. I lost about 5 lbs and 6 inches within 3 weeks! I didn’t stick to it as much as I should have, but this is what kick started a new life for me.

I was so determined about the wedding…that was my drive.

Once the school year started again and I began to coach basketball, life got crazy and I started eating poorly and not working out again. This lasted for a couple of months and my entire demeanor changed. I became cranky, mean, tired, depressed, etc. When basketball season ended in January (2015) I kicked myself in the butt and told myself, the wedding is 4-5 months!!!!

I started another round of the 21 day fix and saw some major progress. I felt better, people noticed I was slimming down, and my clothes were getting baggy. I stuck to working out 5-6 times a week and monitored my eating. I didn’t really drink a lot of alcohol either. Every time I stepped on the scale and saw I lost a pound, I was even more determined and motivated. I did a 2nd round of the 21 day fix right before my dress fitting and it was amazing. When I went to my dress fitting, I was 12 lbs lighter and needed 7 inches taken in. I couldn’t believe it! On the day of the wedding I had lost a total of 18 lbs!

For the first time in my entire life, I felt confident. I didn’t have to worry about what angle the photographer was taking pictures at or how many double chins were showing. I didn’t care because I knew I gave it my all AND I saw the progress!

I am still on my weight loss journey. I have continued eating well and working out and have become a Beachbody Coach to help others with the same goals! I am happy and content…and also excited to see how much more I can change in the next year.


I have found that with support and encouragement, fitness goals can go a long way. I am so happy with how my life has changed I want to help others! If you are interested in doing a fitness challenge or buying Shakeology and Beachbody products, use the following links or email me at

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Become a Beachbody Coach


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